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Thick Mexican Girl – Sin Bandera


So I meet this kind of large girl the other night but she’s got a really pretty face… She was kind of drunk right when I met her in a loud bar with a dance floor. We dance, kiss, then kiss was too much (I keep making that mistake)… And she wont leave her 6 friends to come back to my apartment. I meet her the next night at a different spot, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to, but I was drunk again. She continually tells me she can’t come back to my apartment, because her friends will think poorly of her. I should have just left her, but instead stuck around, “pulled” a bit, of course. The sun starts coming out, I’m flicking her baked bean as she sits on a stool outside. She still won’t come home with me after nearly orgasming right there. I leave to go home, smelling her on my fingers. I’m not going to meet her tonight unless I’m drunk. If I can’t get her home on a third consecutive night, after what we did last night, then I need some serious help on extracting and LMR in general.

(After thinking about it some more I really have to stop making out in the bar/club. Instead use tension of near-kisses or have one passionate kiss that you stop first. Build tension with caresses instead. Also, I can’t reason with the girl if she’s giving resistance to leave her friends. Instead, just smile, dont respond, and try again later. I think these 2 things alone should make a positive difference.)