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Meeting Girls at Raves/Electronic Music Shows


I went to a big electronic music show last night with a friend and his date. The locale was picturesque, on an island with a view of the city from across the water. My group arrived pretty early, at 4pm in the blazing heat. Everyone in the crowd was tired from a July 4th hangover (including myself), and it took plenty of beer and some energy drink shots to get in a dancing mood.

Once the sun went down and the main acts took over, the crowd was bubbling in a drug-induced frenzy. I puffed a cigarette and bumped to the bass, but nothing too crazy.

The 2 most important factors in meeting women in a venue like an electronic music show is looking for proximity flirting and eye contact. A few times a girl would kind of back up or stumble into my general vicinity. I would be looking up at the stage or zoning out to the music. A couple times I took advantage of this and met a FOB Japanese girl who gave me her number. She was dressed elegantly in the midst of all of these brightly colored pill poppers, so I found that intriguing.

It boils down to getting near the person of interest, vibing to the music so not to appear a PUA creep who left his top hat at home, and then asking basically anything while you show traits of soft, but steady eye contact (with a smile). Awkward pauses are less likely because the music is so loud. You can disappear right after a number close among the frenzy if you so choose.

Electronic shows aren’t really my scene, but I recommend everyone attend one at least once to experience something unique and out-there.