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2 years into marriage. Tips on arguing/fighting and staying sane.


Hello dear reader.

I’ve been married to my Brazilian lady for over 2 years now. I’m not sick and tired of her. In fact she contributes to our living situation and when I do my part, she can be quite pleasant and kind. She takes care of her appearance (she is nearly always the best looking girl in the room.)

We’ve had some difficulties because she has a penchant for hopping from job to job and not knowing what she really wants in life. This crisis sometimes makes conversation cloying and I end up feeling like an exasperated therapist. At least she does have a job now. She doesn’t love it, but it’s okay for now.

Here’s a Valentines Day pro-tip;

I learned the hard way though, that if you’re in a relationship, and a girl expects flowers and chocolates on valentines day, just get her fucking flowers and chocolate.

It’s too much for her to not get flowers when she was expecting them, and being surrounded by women toting flowers in her workplace… It sucked making her that upset for something as small as a bouquet of flowers. I dropped the ball for the 2nd year in a row. I’ve got to stop doing that.

Flowers would have made her happy. Instead I get to hear about how I “don’t care about the little things” for days on end. Brutal.

But even with that annoying bullshit, being in a relationship with my girl is still overall a plus. Every woman is going to have her defects and you have to decide what you can be cool with, what you can let slide, and what you will stand up against.

Here’s another pro-tip:

Men- you can never win an argument during an argument. It’s always better to say your piece if you need to, hear her, and then eject.

Let cooler heads prevail. As much as you’ll want to freak out that she’s giving you drama for not making the bed or forgetting it’s a special day, you won’t win in a fight. Ever.

Kind of sucks right?

But the reality is that you probably won’t give in in a fight either. Think of the last time you were pissed and started an argument. Did you give in, even if you were mistaken? Probably not until after you cooled down.

Whether you’re married or just dating – drama will rear it’s head. I promise it. Especially if you’re into Latin girls like me. Drama is even more likely in that case.

No matter the case, the sooner you learn to deal with conflict, the better.

I can say that overall, 2 years of marriage has been good. Plenty of drama, but also plenty of very good memories and benefits as well.