Brazilian Girl – Part II – Headed back to Brazil


Things heat up between Cyndy and I. Over the course of the next three months we hang out nearly every weekend, I introduce her to my friends, and we have a lot of intimate evenings (and mornings) in my small new york apartment. She nearly breaks up with me about 2 weeks into it when she tells me I appear to only want her for sex, and that she’s not some whore. I happen to like this girl, her femininity, her sense of humor, and her beautiful coffee-colored body, and I plead my case, ending in some success on the living room couch.

From then on it was smooth sailing for the most part. I’d visit her an hour north of the city, she’d stay with me and leave at 5am to drive back to her job. Compromises and commitments were being made. I liked this girl way more than either of my exes.

As of this writing, I am planning on visiting her in her hometown in Northern Brazil. Apparently it’s a tropical paradise. It’s also so I can escape the dry, cold New York winter. I stand by my plan of ditching the winter every year, whenever possible.

I am going to Brazil for over 2 months. I wanted to stop the daily Skype chats and see her in person. We won’t be hanging out that entire time, but we will be seeing a lot of each other. I have another girl that I hooked up with who lives very near to Cyndy’s hometown, but I won’t be that big of a scumbag and go hook up with her behind Cyndy’s back. It’s not worth the drama, and as much as a scumbag as I sometimes see myself, I actually care about this chick and don’t want to¬†unnecessarily¬†hurt her.

The problem is that deep down I know I want to be single again. Having said that, for now I will enjoy the fruits of Brazil, the sunshine, the warmth, and the company of a girl who loves me.

As much as I enjoy having sex with strange women, or ‘The Hunt’, I also can find value in building somewhat of a relationship. It will be nice to be traveling with a companion who likes getting naked for me.

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