Brazilian Girl – Part I


I had laid out my Brazilian blanket next to my friend J in the hot summer heat, ripped off my shoes, and went for a walk in the grass. I dialed the number of a girl I had met nearly a week ago on a barge that had been turned into a bar/restaurant. I still felt woozy from the rocking of the boat. She didn’t pick up. I left a voicemail, and walked back to my friend, who was talking to some dude who was standing over him. Hmm…

Well, the dude turns out to be from Brazil. My ‘bait’ had attracted the wrong kind of fish, it seemed. After some chatting with the guy, it turns out he’s from Brazil, and he’s pretty funny, and we get along nicely. We tell him to chat up a couple of girls behind us who he was looking at. He does so awkwardly and gets ‘blown out’. It feels nice to have someone making your approaches. As much as I’d like to be on point all the time, the reality is that I’m not.

We then see 2 girls sitting about 10 yards ahead of us. One of them is looking around. And guess what — she’s got a Brazilian blanket too… So I tell our new friend to go meet his fellow countrywomen. I joke that we’ll creep in later and steal the fruits of his labor.

My friend and I play some frisbee for about 3 minutes, then sit down next to our new friend who is chatting up these girls in Portuguese. I wave hello to them, make some joke about our new friend to the girls, and it’s on. We play some frisbee and soccer with the girls. One of them has amazing clear eyes and a beautiful body with curves in all the right places. The other one is cuter, and reminds me of an ex-girlfriend that I still think about.

Eventually, our Brazilian friend leaves, because he wanted to catch The XX, a hipster band that was playing a free show that day in Central Park. So lo and behold, we actually did steal the fruits of his labor. We walk with the girls, and sit under the trees in the dusk, listening to applause and the sexy bass of The XX playing about 80 yards away.

We build comfort with the girls by playing 2 truths and a lie. My friend makes the game sexual quickly, and it seems like we are getting along pretty well with these girls. No kino was initiated, it didn’t feel right.

Later on it’s dark and the girls need to take a train to get back home. We leave Central Park, and J and I take turns talking to the 2 girls. I still am not sure which one I like more, but conversation seems easier with the cute one that reminds me of my ex. J ends up getting both their numbers, I just get the one that reminds me of my ex, we’ll call her Cyndy.

I text Cyndy the next day with some callback humor. She thought I looked 32 and Irish, so I say “This number is from a very important Irish man. Please store it with great care!” She sends the obligatory “hahaha, how are u?” and we set up to meet a week later at a CouchSurfing rooftop party in the Upper East Side. I kind of feel like maybe J and I are “bringing sand to the beach,” but whatever. These girls are warm-ish leads, and I haven’t hooked up in 3 months.

They arrive at the party with one fat friend. I’m getting liquored up off of Whiskey/Cokes and marveling at the amazing apartment. There are couchsurfers from all over the world, many of them pretty cool people, but I spent most of my time with the girls. Since they’re Brazilian girls, they are all dressed up amazingly, and start to get antsy. They want to go to a club.

Luckily my friend J is a much better planner than I am, and googled a club to extract them to. We head over there. Somehow we avoid paying a cover and yet they do. (Suckers!) We start dancing with the girls. Fatty gets left out. Cyndy is acting weird when I dance with girl #2, as if she doesn’t want to dance with J, or something of that nature. I decide to just go for her instead of clowning around. We start dancing close, I hover my face near hers for a while without pushing too hard for a kiss, I brush my face against hers, let her feel my warm breath…I inhale and exhale, hover again, and then we’re making out.

She kisses like a Brazilian girl should. I am so happy to be making out with a hot Brazilian girl again. I missed the way these girls kiss. Later on we leave, the girls get in their SUV, offer to drop us off near a train. We decline, and as they pull away, my friend and I slap each other five and walk like pimps. (He hooked up with #2, but it was a one-night thing.)

(To be continued)

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