Called out on my ‘game’


So I had this one female pickup blogger (who has since made her blog, private, wtf) leave a comment recently where she said

“You must be very good looking. I get the vibe from you that your game is very low-key for the amount of ass you appear to be getting. Then again you aren’t that descriptive on your actual game.”

Firstly, thank you for the compliment. ;) But it had me thinking about my ‘game’, I try not to get too Mystery-like about it, making every ‘pickup’ a scientific process. My goal in meeting women, (or meeting anyone for that matter) is to have more of a ‘natural’ flow, with a few main goals in an interaction, such as avoiding school/work banter early on, keeping things entertaining and ideally emotional, and if I’m talking to a woman, to get her feeling comfortable and somewhat excited about our interaction through teasing, smiling, and friendly, confident eye contact.

Having said that, is my game low-key? I’m not sure… I don’t know what the opposite of that would be, dying my hair in a pink mohawk, wearing a white blazer, and running around the club with gambits and cube routines? If that’s the case, then yes, my game is low-key. Not to say I don’t like gambits, though. I think the ring routine is an interesting one which I use from time to time.

The problem for me with game is that I get too stuck in my head if I’m thinking about it too much. What’s best for me is to have a couple of openers, a story that comes to mind, and a reminder to tease and be playful.

Game is a never-ending process for me. Some nights I go out and I feel on fire, and other nights are a lot more difficult. I still get the occasional one-itis, the fails to close, and then there are times when I’m on a crazy streak and everything is flowing naturally. The ebbs and flows.

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  1. Vasafaxa says:

    What I meant was that it seemed like your game was integrated into your life instead of your life integrated into your game. Which is a good thing.

  2. Are you good looking? Do you have status?

    I’ll admit right now that my game is mediocre at best. I get girls based more on looks and status.

  3. @ Vincent – I think we are in similar boats. I would like to think I’m good looking, I don’t have all that much status in New York, and my game is mediocre as well. Checked out your blog, looks good.

    @ Vasafaxa – OK cool – no offense was taken, thanks for the comments and keep blogging.

  4. Willy Wonka says:

    Good job pointing out the ebbs and flows. I’m going through the same shit. Some nights I feel like I’m on fire, some nights I’m just ehhh.

    I actually haven’t done too much reading and studying on game outside of Roosh, I definitely feel like I get most girls off of just looks, maybe a little status for closer social circle types.

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