More LMR? Fail in nyc.


So I’m back in NYC. Last night I’m just lounging in the apartment, tired and watching the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins all losing in big games. I thought to myself that this would likely be a boring night, I’d surf the net, and go to bed.

Turns out my brother is out with his girlfriend, and she has 2 friends. He tells me he’s picking up some smoke and I should come with. I didn’t really want to smoke, but I joined him anyway, in a low, kind of antisocial state at the beginning.

We go to a park, smoke a little, and listen to some outdoor music. I get coupled off with this 1 friend of his girlfriend, a 32 year old italian girl with a lot to talk about. Too much in fact. She is talking about her career, how she’s filming on a reality show, her ex-boyfriends who thought she was hot… these stories get more frequent and more irritating as the night goes on and she’s had more to drink.

At one stage, I meet up with some friends at one of the bars where we’re at. She asks if I want to go to the bathroom. I brush it off. This was the crucial error, I believe, but honestly I didn’t want to go suck face in front of the bathroom at that moment. My friends had just showed up, and she seemed to be giving 1,000+ IOIs, qualifying to me non-stop, etc.

We go to another couple of bars, and she is talking sexually, she mentions oral fixations, how she’s sexual, etc.

I get us on a couch at one of the bars, and unsmoothly discussed a kiss. D’oh. She said a kiss means too much to her, that my brother’s gf is her best friend, etc.

Shit. I blew this one.

Eventually we are back in my apartment, alone. I’m in my persuading-a-kiss thing, and it’s not working. We end up crashing on my bed, and still do not hook up. She is turned away. I begin kissing her on her neck, and then she is fast asleep. I ask her if she really just fell asleep. She doesn’t reply.

So I end up getting a shitty night of sleep spooning with blue balls. The girl was crazy and she’s friends with my brother’s gf so maayyybe it’s a blessing in disguise, or maybe my game was pitiful last night. I’d lean on the latter.

I felt prohibited last night, my mindset can be totally different if I’m on the road or in my own place of living. Also, I get distracted if I’m talking to a girl for a while and my bullshit detector is going off constantly, as it was last night.

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  1. Rivelino says:

    I think you should have walked away at some point, punished her for not kissing you. If she “eventually” ended up back at your apartment, but was not turned on, it was a strategic error for you to allow that to happen. She was just stringing you along that whole time (after the kiss rejection I believe), enjoying her power over you, your desperation.

    Basically, after the kiss rejection, it was one long shit test that you failed. You gotta be able to walk away.

    I am by no means an expert, this is just my interpretation.

  2. Rivelino says:

    Just read some of your other posts. Have you read the Mystery Method book? Carefully and thoroughly? It sounds like you are a good-looking guy that Brazilian girls are just naturally attracted to, but you have worked up enough A3 to get them really, really excited. They just find you attractive, so they want to kiss you, but then you have turned them on *enough* to make them want to go all the way.

    Or maybe it’s like Roosh says, that Brazilian girls won’t have sex with a guy who is just visiting. (?)

    Either way, as far as I can tell, you want to be directing the show as you go through all three phases (A, C, S) — you are in charge. You are the leader in this adventure.

    In some of your posts you sound like the puppy dog waiting for some scraps from the dinner table.

  3. @Rivelino – I am familiar with MM, but I don’t follow the tactical, scientific, pickup methods. I have somewhat of an idea of how these things are supposed to be laid out, but I don’t geek out over it. I didn’t find the “just visiting” a problem personally in my experience. I agree that I need to lead a bit more, and I need to actively hit on the girl a bit more. As far as being a puppy dog waiting for scraps…? Perhaps at my weakest points I am, and I welcome your comments.

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