LMR or Last Minute Resistance. What to do?


2 of my last 3 sexual encounters have been bogged down with Last Minute Resistance. So I am trying to figure out what the hell I am doing wrong.

The first girl was in Ouro Preto. She wasn’t that hot, and she was all over the God all night. I had made out with her friend right in front of her and she still wanted to kiss me. Her friend, a dude, gave me the “go for it” gestures as well.

When we walked down the windy path to my hostel, she was saying how she couldn’t believe she was “doing this.” So I had to keep saying things like “We’re just going to talk and kiss.” In general, I believe, you have to make the girl feel comfortable – baby steps. When we were in my bed I’d say things like “We’re only going to do what you feel comfortable with” and such. It took way too long to get her top off, and I’d say my main keys to success that night were: she was drunk, and I turned the lights off. I also went down on her after her pitiful BJ, which had her ready to “feel the God”.

The other big point is she told me say to her “Quero-te Julyiana” or whatever her name was. Girls want to be told that you want them and think they’re hot, etc. This is always tough for me if I don’t actually think they’re hot. But shit, I’ll tell her I DVR Women’s Lifetime movies if it means she’s about to slob the knob.

The second girl was this brown haired older girl I had hooked up with for 2 nights for hours on end during Carnaval. We went away together for a night to the beach. I came out of the shower when we first got there, in my towel, expecting to hook up. She wanted to go meet friends and go to the beach. Fine. Later on after the beach the same bullshit. She takes a shower after me and exits with all of her clothes on(!).

I finally realize I will wait for later in the night when hopefully there is some booze and some darkness involved. Turns out she can’t drink because of medicine for her busted up ankle that she fucked up while walking around during Carnaval. I drink a beer, we hook up, and she says she won’t have sex. She says she can’t, that I am leaving for New York eventually and she doesn’t want to hurt herself. This one is hard to battle. I tell her the usual “live in the moment, not in the future” type of stuff, I tell her no relationship is final. It doesn’t work though. I didn’t freeze out on her, I just took the handies and her ear sucking. It wasn’t awful. I would have liked to bang because she had a nice “buseta”.

The question is, what could I have done differently? Why are these girls who appear to like me a whole lot holding out on me? Should I be freezing out/”breaking rapport”? Since this entry was written I slayed a dark skinned girl at a love motel in Rio. She was on her period. I am a pretty gross human being. Why am I writing this in a public blog again?

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  1. playaj says:

    You do DVR Lifetime movies, don’t lie.
    I think you have to freeze out. It really does work like a charm. Right now these girls are getting all the validation and attention they want from you without giving up the nookie.
    I’ve got a big problem with flakes lately by the way, drivin me nuts. Gotta let ‘em know that I don’t put up with that shit.

  2. Vasafaxa says:

    You must be very good looking. I get the vibe from you that your game is very low-key for the amount of ass you appear to be getting. Then again you aren’t that descriptive on your actual game.

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