What Makes a Good Travel Partner?


Why D Makes a Good Travel Partner, and What to Look For in a Travel Buddy

D and I have traveled together in Argentina and Brazil. Brazil was for 1 month, which is a long time sharing close quarters with someone. So why has it worked out so well, and what can we learn when choosing a friend for a road trip, eurotrip, or other?

- Be who you are with no games or tongue-in-cheek apologies. This is big. D and I are pretty honest about ourselves and eachother. I try to not sugar coat things and I expect the same from him.

- Similar sense of humor and music. We have a similar sense of humor. This can’t be created from air, and I have a couple friends who I think I’d blow my brains out if I had to share close quarters for more than a couple days. If I think you’re lame or your music sucks, it’s going to be hard to have to deal with that 24/7. D and I have lots of inside jokes and running jokes, and we continue to add new ones. Sense of humor is a must.

- We push eachother. The most clear example is chatting up girls. I can be pretty shy. D pushes me to go for it. When it works, I’m grateful for it.

- Alone time is understood and implied. When you travel with someone you should have a day off every once in a while. If the construct becomes one guy relying on the other all the time, this gets tiring. If one person is a great planner and the other is great at meeting new people, then use your indiividual strengths to get the most out of the trip.

- We’re fair to eachother. I remember when traveling with my very good friend J he would always jump on the biggest bed in the hotel rooms we rented. This started to get annoying, and had it happened continually may have led to fights.

- We don’t cockblock eachother.

- We don’t antagonize eachother. (That much.)

2 Responses to “What Makes a Good Travel Partner?”

  1. playaj says:

    Yeah, shit, I’d blow my brains out if I was stuck in a room with you for a few days, haha. No doubt you is da man to travel with and a solid wing man. Big bed goes to first man to get laid, booyah!

  2. Simon says:

    obviously if there is 1 big bed, it goes to whoever is with a chick, that’s standard fare

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