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Thoughts on Brazil after nearly a week


Ok, let’s do a quick rundown like I did in Argentina.


  • Unbelievable variety.
  • Unbelievable bodies. I have never seen such curvy, slender, beautiful women as I’ve seen here. Argentinians might be more attractive in general, but Brazileras are much sexier, much more ‘raw’.
  • Very passionate kissers. In Argentina, I saw people making out a lot in clubs. It’s the same way here, but Brazilian girls will basically ask you for a kiss if you don’t go for it quickly enough for them. The kissing is strong, powerful tongue gymnastics. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have sex with one of these girls.

Gringo Factor

  • I am a fair skinned dude for the most part, but there are all types here. What gives me away is the fact that my portuguese is terrible. I think some girls don’t give a shit that you’re from the states, and some are impressed, and want to speak English with you.


  • I haven’t eaten at the ‘pay what your plate weighs’ spots yet. I had steak twice, once it was awful, the other time it was very good.
  • Otherwise I’ve been eating like a hostel person, pasta, pizza, salad.


  • I’m naturally paranoid, but most people here are very friendly. You might run into the wrong type one night, and if so, you lose some money or a camera. Not the end of the world.

Hostel Life

  • I’m not jaded yet, which is good.


  • They have been worse here. I don’t know why. I feel like an old man.

Brazil in 2 days


I’m lying on my bed in Boston at my parent’s house. My neck is stiff from lugging around rolling suitcases, guitars, and other random shit around the NYC subway system. I actually got some acupuncture the other day, but I’m still pretty sore.

I leave for Brazil on Tuesday afternoon, which means tomorrow is my last-minute-panic-packing period. I’ll use the day to photocopy my documents, read over a lonely planet, make a couple last minute purchases, upload some songs on to my crappy travel mp3 player, and probably get no sleep at the end of the day.

I have 2 nights booked in Rio and then I plan to meet up with my partner in crime in Bahia. Apparently it’s 100 degrees in Brazil right now. As much as I hate the cold in NYC and Boston, the idea of sleeping in my own sweat isn’t that appetizing either. I’d rather sweat my balls off than freeze them off though, any day.

One crappy thing is going out to bars and clubs as a single man again. Not only do I feel really old and uninspired by these young-looking Bostonian girls, but I also miss having a sure-thing girlfriend ready to do the dizzle. Single life can be pretty frustrating and lonely. I’m too distracted now about traveling to even think about it, but I’m sure I’ll be feeling the sex withdrawal and loneliness pretty soon.

Tomorrow I’ll finalize my pack, (I’m taking a backpack and a man-purse) call the bank, buy a portuguese book, and buy one of them nifty microfiber towels.

Anybody know how to say the equivalent of ‘Puta Madre!’ in portuguese?