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Pre-Brazil Thoughts


So, my last post was quite a while ago. I wrote it when I had returned from Argentina and Costa Rica from Fort Lauderdale.

Since then I moved to New York City. I like it in New York a lot, but I knew going in that I didn’t want to hang around during the winter unless I absolutely had to. I had some fun out here with a small smattering of beautiful ladies of different origins, and had my online business do well enough that I could stop sweating at night thinking of how I’d continue to pay my rent.

  • While we’re on the subject of sweating about how we’re going to pay the rent, can I just say FUCK health insurance. $240 every month down the shitter. What a waste. Just give me emergency ambulance care for $100/month. I’d be okay with that.

I’ve been with the same girl for the last 7 months roughly, she’s sweet, she’s younger than I am, and we have fun, but I keep my heart hidden and locked away somewhere under the bed. She sometimes gets upset when she realizes that we almost exclusively hang out at night or that I don’t always ask for her opinion when making a decision… but it’s all good in the big objective view. We will be forced to split at the end of the month, as she is going back to California followed by a semester abroad in Argentina. I’m not about to start a long-distance relationship. We’ll see how things are in half a year when we’re both back in New York. Anything can happen.


I wanted to go away somewhere warm and near the beach. Thoughts of playing the guitar, dancing, and flirting with women of all different colors and languages floated in my head. I considered going back to a hostel I like a lot in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, but later decided I should try something new.

That something new is Brazil. I’m thinking I’ll land in Rio for New Years, hang out with a friend of mine, then begin looking for an apartment. I plan on doing most of the tourist stuff, probably spending more money than I’d like at clubs and such, and hopefully integrating with some locals. I surprisingly have a lot of connections in Brazil through family friends.

So I’m excited. I’m looking forward to Brazil. I’m beginning to learn some Portuguese, and I eagerly await the beautiful eye candy and variety of juices. I’m scared of the tales of muggings and kidnappings, but I was also scared before I went to Costa Rica for the first time. I just keep telling myself that the goons want your stuff, not your life.

Let’s do this shit :)