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That Awkward Friend Zone Feeling


Writing from Fort Lauderdale, USA… yeah, I’m back.

I wanted to briefly touch on an awkward situation that has happened to me a couple times recently. It’s when you’re hanging out with a girl for a while, connecting, smiling, giving good vibes to one another, and then you start to think: Is this chick chill, or is she expecting me to make a move on her?

It’s strange when the tables feel like they’ve turned. There’s an equal amount of anxiety if I’m talking to a girl who I’m attracted to but haven’t ramped things up or escalated in any way, like we’re still on a platonic level, conversing with some space between us.

Recently this happened to me at a hostel near a beach in Costa Rica. I was chatting up this girl all night, and at some point I decided I didn’t have a sexual interest in her. But suddenly I began to feel some anxiety regarding what she expected of me, and perhaps we were on different wavelengths in that regard. I decided to just relax and be myself, and it worked out just fine, in fact she hooked me up quite a lot by taking me places in her car, etc.

In the end though, I let the awkward friend zone situation shoot me in the foot – we went out to a bar together, and a girl who I had been vibing with was hovering, but I felt as if I couldn’t give my attention to her, because friend zone girl had taken me out, and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. Pretty foolish in hindsight.

Anyway – back in the USA now. Land of overpriced drinks, cover fees, and girls whose first language isn’t spanish. Poo.